Manufacturer of small post press machineries

Top Surface Gluing Machine

Sheet to sheet pasting machine, end pasting machine and gluing machine with a standard 1m conveyor belt is equipped with a top surface gluing system, suitable for cold adhesive. Sheet to sheet pasting and printing machine to be glued is fed manually from a feed table into the pasting device. After gluing, sheet to sheet pasting is delivered on to a conveyor belt. The machine is designed for pasting gluing flexible thin material.

Sheet To Sheet Pasting Machine

  • All rollers are made of stainless steel and several parts are made of brass. The machine cover are also made of stainless steel. This minimize corrosion problem.
  • Uniform and precise glue film regulation by mean of screws with knobs. No special tools required.
  • The transmission system uses helical gear thereby ensuring quiet running.
  • The machine is easy to operate with help of semi-skilled / unskilled labour.
  • An additinal pressure roller is provided for processing paperboard or cardborad.
  • A variable speed PMDC motor with drive is supplied as a standard equipment.
  • This gluing machine when used in combination with rotary pressing machine turns into popular arrangement for sheet to sheet laminating.


Working Width


50 & 60 cm.

Power Supply


230 VAC, 1 ∅, 50 Hz.



0.37 KW, PMDC.

Optional equipment:

* Conveyor up to 3 mtrs. can be supplied .