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Six Hole Paper Drilling Machine

Six Hole Paper Drilling Machine

Six hole paper drilling machine usually drilling is the last operation on an otherwise finished product. This precision engineered and sturdily built machine ensures trouble free high volume drilling and quick turnaround time.


  • The machines comes equipped with six drill heads. The distance between these heads is adjustable.
  • A geared motor with cam produces the electrical machine stroke for the table. The return stroke is quicker.
  • Drill spindles permit vertical adjustment approx. 3 mm for fine setting of the drills.
  • Six hole paper drilling machine is stable and easy to operate.
  • Machine is supplied with chip ejector & bit sharpening device.
  • The foot pedal switch for the table lifts ensures that the operator hands are free for product handling.


Drill Diameters


3 to 10 mm

Drill Shank


11 mm

Paper Stack Height


45 mm

Distance Between Holes


50 mm (min) to 350 mm (max)

Table Size


45 cm x 57 cm

Power supply


415 V, 3 ∅ , 50Hz



2 nos. x 0.55 KW. (For Drilling)
1 no. x 0.75 KW. (For Table Lift)

Optional equipment:

Special Drill Heads for filofax (3 holes x 19.05 mm apart) can be made available upon request.