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Hot Gluing Machine

Board To Board Pasting Machine

Hot gluing and board to board pasting machine is a two roller Gluing Machine for full-area application of cold adhesives to paper, cardboard and similar materials manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in Mumbai India. The material to be glued is fed manually from the feed table and into the feed rollers, it is guided over the gluing roller and is glued from beneath. It is then picked up manually at the delivery end.

Board To Board Pasting Machine

  • All rollers are made of stainless and several parts are made of brass. The machine covers are also made of stainless steel.
  • Uniform and precise glue film regulation by means of screws with knobs. No special tools required.
  • The transmission system uses helical gears thereby ensuring quiet running.
  • Pointed strippers separate the glued material from the glue roller.
  • The machine is easy to operate with the help of semi skilled / unskilled labor.


Working Width


40 cm, 45 cm & 60 cm.

Power Supply


415 V, 3 ∅, 50 Hz.



0.18 KW, AC.

Optional equipment:

* A variable speed D.C motor with drive can be supplied as an optional equipment.

* Single phase motor can be supplied on request.