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Gumming Machine

Gumming Machine

Our professional teams are manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of gumming machine and board to board pasting machine in Mumbai India to all over the world with latest technology and quality standard products. Gumming machine has a full-area application of pasting paper, cardboard and similar materials. It is then selected up physically at the distribution end.

Gumming Machine

  • All rollers sheet have made of stainless steel and many parts are made of brass. Gumming machines protected of stainless steel.
  • Even and accurate gum film regulation by funds of attaches with buttons. Not for special tools required.
  • The program arrangement procedures helical workings thus certifying soft running.
  • Pointed strippers separate the glued equipment from the glue wave.
  • Gumming machine has normally activated with the help of semi-skilled / inexpert labour.


Working Width


40 cm, 45 cm & 60 cm.

Power Supply


415 V, 3 ∅, 50 Hz.



0.18 KW, AC.

Optional equipment:

* A variable speed D.C motor with drive can be supplied as optional machine.

* Single phase motor can be supplied on requested.