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Creasing & Perforation Machine

Perforation Machine

Creasing and perforation machine is versatile, multifunction machines of very important use to each and every printing press.

Some of the widely used functions are Slitting, Half Square Cut, Perforation (Micro and regular), Creasing (Book Covers, Wedding cards, Catalogues, Digital Print-outs) etc. Our engineers are manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of creasing and perforation machine in Mumbai India to all over the world. Most of the functions can be performed simultaneously.

Operating these machines is very simple and the operator does not require intense training to run these machines.

Perforation machine has practically maintainence free , and they rarely require little or no maintainence. They have a very long working life.

They are manufactured in two sizes 24" width and 30" width. Minimum gap between 2 adjacent cutters is as low as 13mm / 1/2" .

All cutters have micro adjustments to control the precise depth of cut , by which the thinnest to the thickest of release paper can be handled with ease.

perforating machine runs on single phase electric power supply equipped with variable speed controller.

When the perforation machine is not in use the feeder & delivery trays can be folded to make the machine compact, so as to occupy less than 1/4 floor space.