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Compucut Machine

Compucut machine is a programmable back gauge automation system that can be retrofitted on any brand and size of paper cutter. When you install digital printing machine you increase the productivity of your cutter by more than 50% without losing accuracy and at the fraction of the cost of a new paper cutter. Compucut features solid state circuitry and is microprocessor controlled.

Salient Features

  • Compucut machine can be programmed while cutting the first pile of you can enter programs directly through the key board.
  • Compucut is a menudriven. It prompts the operator, asks a few basic questions, cutting sequences and then doesn't forget them. Instantly the entire job is programmed.
  • In addition to programs, you can make modification, enter fractions & switch from inches to mm directly through the key board. There is no need to memorize any special codes.
  • Once programmed, Compucut automatically moves the machine back gauge into position for every cut, Repeatability of gauge position is 0.1 mm, regardless of leadscrew wear.
  • In the event of power failure Compucut does not lose data thanks to non-volatile memory. No batteries are required.
  • With every Compucut, you get a drive. This is one of the reason we can be so confident about the paper cutter's precision.
  • Compucut can be installed on any Paper Cutting as long as a lead screw moves the back gauge.
  • Compucut features self diagnostic electronics. In most cases the location of the fault is displayed on the console.
  • Compucut features infinitely variable back gauge positioning, automatic back gauge and automatic back gauge return & automatic stock eject.

Specifications :

  • Repeatability accuracy to the extent of 0.1 mm, regardless of lead screw wear.
  • Independent DC drive, minimum trim cut is 0.1 mm.
  • 99 programs 2000 cut locations.
  • Speed range 80 to 120 mm/sec.
  • Power supply 415 volts, 3 ∅ , 50 Hz.
  • Motor 0.375 KW. PMDC