Round Corner Cutting Machine

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Case Pressing Machine

Punching Machine

Case pressing and closing machine are used for the rapid pressing of book covers and for all lininig of paper to chipboard, paper board to board pasting macgine manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in Mumbai India. Punching machine material to be pressed is placed on the feeding table and made to pass between the rollers where it gets pressed and delivered on the delivery table.


  • Two solid rubbing rollers covered with rubber.
  • The pressure of the top rubber roller is adjustable.
  • Combined Material thickness up to 10 mm can be pressed.
  • Delivery table height is adjustable.
  • The machine requires practically no maintenance.


Working Width


50 cm and 60 cm.

Power Supply


415 V, 3 ∅, 50Hz.



0.37 KW.

Optional Equiptment

* Single phase motor can be supplied upon request.