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Book Pressing Machine

Book pressing machine is used for the rapid pressing of books immediately after the casing-in operation. The central moving clamping plate with side guide divides the press into book pressing areas.

The stack of book is placed in bottom space. The electric with operated for the downward movement of clamping plate. Our company manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of book binding machine in Mumbai India to worldwide. Upon reaching the set pressure the motor stops automatically. The top space of the machine is now loaded with another stack of books.

Book pressing machine further movement of the electrical switch moves the clamp plate upwards, again cutting out the motor when set sheet to sheet pressing pressure is attained. While this happening, the bottom stack can be removed and fresh stock can be reloaded.

Book Pressing Machine

  • Since book pressing machine, it save time and increase productivity by atleast 50%.
  • As the clamping pressure can be preset, consistent quality of production is guaranteed.
  • Machine is simple to operate and no experience or trained manpower is required.
  • Eliminates operator fatigue that is generally observed in manual pressing / clamping.


Size of Stack


38 cm x 45 cm.

Height of Stack on each side


22 cm each side.




Power Supply


415V, 3 ∅, 50Hz.



1.5 KW.