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Book Hinge Forming Machine

Sticker Half Cutting Machine

Book hinge forming and sticker half cutting machine are a manual system of preparing both the hinges of a cased in book forming machine with the application of pressure and heat. Depending on operator efficiency 250 - 300 books/hr can be prepared. We are manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of book hinge forming and sticker half cutting machine in Mumbai India to all over the world with latest quality materials.

Sticker Half Cutting Machine

  • Simple adjustment for different sizes and thickness of hinge forming machine.
  • Equipped with two plates with 'V' shaped edges.
  • The temperature of these plate can be controlled in 3 steps.viz.high, medium, low.
  • Eliminates operator fatigue that is generally observed in manual pressing / clamping.


Max Book Thickness


75 mm.

Max Book Length


600 mm.

Power Supply


230 VAC, 1 ∅, 50Hz.